The Central Bank of Libya Headquarter in Tobruq

Tobruk_ Libya · 2013 · Architecture

The Central Bank of Libya Headquarter in Tobruq

The design of the new CBL (Central Bank of Libya) head quarter expresses the city itself and stability of growing Libyan financial and economic potential in a new, modern and flexible approach. The shape referes to the monumental old Tubruk castle reinterpreted in a contemporary way with 4 separate volumes, each of which represents a department (such as the 4 towers of the castle) held together by a basement with large glass windows to make sure that all spaces are bright, screened from an arabic motif frame .The area of the site covers approx. 3600 m2, the net floor area of the designed building approx.2100 m2 per floor, 3 floors (including underground)

The spaces have been divided in the following way according to the instructions that were provided to us: _Issuing Department: for a 30 persons staff. It requires highest security standards. The Treasury Section is accessible for trucks. The department comprises the following offices and spaces: Director’s office, Secretary’s office, Offices (open space), Counting area – approx. 80 m2, Checking area, Sorting area, Money processing area, Shredding area, Treasury – approx. 260 m2 (underground), Material handling area, Money car exchange zone (drop-off zone)–approx. 400 m2 (underground) _Security Department: for a 9 persons staff in a separate building as a security panel. The department comprises of the following offices: Director’s office, Office / Meeting room, CCTV camera Room, Changing room, Gun room, Equipment room, Dining area _Archives approx 100 m2 _Training Center 120 m2 with: two classrooms, Meeting and conference room, Computer room, English language lab, Toilets _Cafeteria _Access Point Security Building: checking for all vehicles and persons coming in and out of the premise at the entrance.

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