Sports Center in Cles

Cles (Trento), Italy · 2012 · Architecture

Sports Center in Cles

This project of a sports center in Cles, Italy is very interesting for the strong relationship between the architecture and the sourrounding landscape where it is located.

The shape of the building is inspired by the ski jump that was previously in this location. The facility was abandoned, leaving the area in a disuse state where the trace of the jump, without any tree on it, seemed like a wund on the mountain’s side. The sports center occupies the same plot of land where the jump was and its shape is a long line that comes down from the mountain, like the jump track. The building’s roof recalls the termination of the jump though its dynamic design, like if the jump was still there, integrated in the architecture.

In this way we reused an abandoned place giving it new value, telling a story and protecting the tradition of the place. For this project we just used local wood and stone, as well as other natural local construction materials.

Gym Pellizzano 1 Gym Pellizzano 2

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