Social house in Trento

Cles (Trento), Italy · 2012 · Architecture

Social house in Trento

The project is a new multifunctional building for the social community of Caltron in Trento, Italy.

The original composition of the traditional “maso trentino” (mountain house of the Trentino region) is here reinvented. The typical stone basement and upper wooden construction are here redesigned with a contemporary approach. The characteristic features of the mountain architecture from this region are now simplified and streamlined in a simple design that still reminds of the traditional culture of this area.

The building is composed of three main parts: the main basement concrete volume that’s cladded with natural stone, the larch wooden volume on top and the park. The basement volume is the services one, and it is also retaining the ground from the mountain and sheltering the upper building from the road. The second volume is a multifunctional meeting hall with a big roof and a full glazing facade looking south at the stunning landscape. The green park is designed with extreme care. It is preceeding the building, integrating it with the surrounding nature. The green park also regulates the natural slope contour lines with a series of terraces.

The building is very flexible and it can be used for different activities. Its shape and materials assure the perfect integration with the existing traditional buildings of Caltron.

In collaboration with architect Tiziano Rossi and engineer Daniela Cattani.

Cless Social House Cless Social House 2

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