Shanghai Bridge

Shanghai, China · 2010 · Architecture

Shanghai Bridge

The project aim is to link the train station with the opposite park and with the elevated bridge on the railway tracks in order to connect the northern residential and retail area with the wonderful green park.

The steel arch bridge stands on two concrete bases. The arch is not symmetrical, and its curve is prominent towards the dynamic and frenetic city area, while it’s more gentle and delicate towards the park’s side. The reticular structure develops in a ramp that’s revolving around a central vertical steel support pole. The end of this ramp is a panoramic point over the city and the park.

The bridge spans 78m, 4,5m sag and a deck width that’s ranging between 3m and 6m. The arch has 3 chords made out of steel tubes: a lower one with 600m diameter and two upper ones with 400mm diameter. It has also 52 linking beams, 104 windbreak bracings and 104 lower-upper chord bracings that have variable dimension and inclination.

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