San Giuliano Housing

Venice, Italy · 2011 · Urban Planning

San Giuliano Housing

H2ouse does not believe in private and fenced places, where impassable boundaries between open spaces for public use and open space for private use are created. For this reason we designed a residential development where architectural features, rather than gates, define different areas. We create a hierarchy of signs on the landscape through a succession of streets for public use where commercial and residential areas are mixed in the buildings, and roads for private and semi-private use where the green areas and water areas invite people to a slow intimate and reflective use of the space.

The project involves the creation of a permeable boundary, a new horizon for the San Giuliano Park in Mestre, Italy. The boundary project works on the mutual relationship of different elements that create richness and diversity of the urban population. The urban development acts as a linkage line between water and green areas. Our development is like a comb that defines hierarchies and lines of perspective between the wires that make up the urban fabric. The residential buildings are located in closed and intimate clusters that help to create interaction between the inhabitants.

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