Rulli Carasau

Bergamo, Italy · · Architecture

Rulli Carasau

Rulli carasau is the curious name of a street food bar open in Bergamo. The name brings back to mind Sardinia, a land from which the other slow food ingredients come, all of them very carefully selected, simple but high quality prime materials. We wanted to repeat the same philosophy translated into architecture: simple spaces, minimal but at the same time warm, welcoming, with great attention to detail, taking the materials and the taste of the Sardinian land, like the big wall of terracotta bricks.

“Rulli is simple, it is the pleasure of tasting and perceiving the individual ingredients, and the return to the simple that fills the stomach and the heart, far from any fashion, which makes the relationship with food and the simple pleasure of tasting and being complicated. together. It is above all to recognize art in others, those who continue to produce and protect good things that, if they are good, are so because they are simple. It’s the simplicity of a meal with a few ingredients, those chosen from the history forged by hunger, the real one. “

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