River Park: analysis and preliminary project

Trentino-Italy · 2013 ·

River Park: analysis and preliminary project

This project goal is to re-establish the important and primordial relationship man-river weakened with the passage of time , preserving the peculiar traits and maintaining the environment specifity.

Our choice was to divide the long path in micro-areas by studying their peculiarities and their vocation to differentiate and specialize the river park offer , thanks to small targeted interventions that create relationships with the water through the recovery and reinterpretation of pre existence , the use of platforms and wooden piers that go into water and become docking points for canoeing and rafting , scenic spots, staging points. Other intent is to mend the relationship of landscape and relationships between the two sides so as to intersect the various routes vehicular , bicycle and pedestrian running in north-south direction .

The paths of the sun, signage and iconography : for each of the paths that we have identified , we decided to mark the nodes of interest with a special information signs of a different color depending on the category : didactic- naturalistic , ethnographic , food and wine, culinary and sports .

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