Project of Headquarter BNDES Bank of Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - competition · · Architecture

Project of Headquarter BNDES Bank of Brazil

This project, in collaboration with arch. Melina Mondadori Kramer, consists in a new 40,000 sqm building design in the heart of Rio de Janeiro city center to host the headquarters of BNDES Bank of Brazil. According to the information received, the project was developed not just for a 26,000 sqm corporate area, but also including lot of spaces for the community like a big library on the ground floor, an archive, an auditorium, a department of telecommunications, a gym and a large area devoted to parking in the basement.
The goal was to build a part of the city proportionate to the human scale. For this reason we divided the volume into three large towers, joined by parking in the basement level and the collective activities on the lower floors and we created a square just in front as an invitation to come in and as the setting for community gathering and socialization.

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