Project for a new residential area of Bergen (NO)

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Project for a new residential area of Bergen (NO)

Archipelago or Skjærgården, our project for the city of Bergen, was born from a reflection on some important site issues, always placing at the center of our reflection the person and his needs. We wanted to call archipelago because it is a group of residences surrounded by nature that form a recognizable network , almost an human scale community or a village where the social sharing experience becomes the key aspect. The project goals are: -Integration with the context: a project that comes from the surrounding lines that encoding the natural elements, a contemporary version of Bergen’s building typology; -An ecological and sustainable city: the green courtyards are oriented to recieve the best sun light and the building disposition protect the green heart of the project from cold winds -This is a pilot project on the issue of sharing. The people who will live in this area will share functions and values. One of the project’s main key point is how the private and public sphere interact on different levels: On the ground floor all the functions are public and people are encouraged to enjoy the sequence of commecial squares till the waterfront. The first level with the three connected green courtyards has semi-public character, it is for residents (public outdoor) and it hosts some shared functions. The higher levels have a private nature, each apartament has a terrace (private outdoor) The last level has a semi-private connotation as it hosts the vegetable gardens.

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