Polaris Cucine Contemporanee Headquarters

Bergamo, Italy · 2012 · Architecture

Polaris Cucine Contemporanee Headquarters

This project involves the expansion and renovation of an existing building, redefining the functions of the new activity and adding an area used for offices and another one for exposure. All these enclosed by a new coat that express the production identity of the new activity.

The front street building is made by a full glazed façade, enclosed by a new antracite roof that covers the irregularly shaped wooden beams of the previous one.The factory façade is made of continuous cement coat covered by aluminum silhouette with an integrated light behind.

The internal path is disposed on two levels and brings visitors to follow the exposition around a center, sales offices and space materials, where it is possible to study and design kitchen space. The exhibition space is inscribed in a square, and it is designed in such a way that form a conical view always extending the perception of the space.

Polaris lobby Polaris entrance hall 04 Polaris expo

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