Parcelling plan

Rovereto, Italy · 2015 · Urban Planning

Parcelling plan

The plan composition refers to the idea of ​​a village that is developed around a common core, the square: this runs longitudinally in a series of spaces, becoming an axis that connects it visually with the small tower of the nearest park . The square hosts inside a green area with trees and seating and a second tower which relates to the first: a landmark that rapresents the heart of this village and the exit of the underground parking and a viewpoint. The road occupies the north part of the lot. The portion of the lot adjacent to the public car park is a common green area, a small park that ends in the south with the gardens to families who will live. The 5 detached villas, one used as a bed and braekfast, have heights (from one to three floors) and different orientations; also provide each one with the best view, from time to time on the park, the large gardens to the south, on the square ..; the villas are all on the ground floor large terraces and lodges of the gardens that provide privacy and terraces on the upper floors overlooking the park.

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