New link for the Città Alta in Bergamo

Bergamo, Italy · 2011 · Urban Planning

New link for the Città Alta in Bergamo

The project is about creating a deeper infrastructural and architectural link between Città Alta (upper city area of Bergamo), and the rest of Bergamo city.

The area is surrounded by a protection wall military system dated 16th century, so we decided to create a project that has a minimal visual impact and that can respect this great historical area, so to protect all the view points on the surrounding landscape. The design is defined by a main landscape path and a series of secondary paths that link the green roofed parking area, the lifts and stairs system, the river and the lower and upper city area.

A main outdoor path starts from the lower city level, goes inside the woods and becomes the spine of a series of crossing smaller paths that take the visitor inside the green park area. The main path also has a cycle road that takes the biker on a small square on the river, and it ends then with the stairs and lift to the upper city, where the guest can enjoy a great view on the landscape. The underground path takes the visitor to an inner plaza with a dome construction that looks up to a round sky window, creating a very evocative space. Here are also the elevators to the upper city. The lifts overrun and its architecture level is lower than the city walls level, so to protect the nice appearence of this historical construction.

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