Gondola Museum

Venice, Italy · 2010 · Architecture

Gondola Museum

The project is the creation of a museum for the gondola in an area that for centuries has been a workshop and warehouse for the famous Venice boat. The main concept is to host the exposition space in a continuous revolving volume, to evoce the continuous evolution of history and to build a space that can, itself, tell a story.

The exposition path accompanies the guest through the continuous exhibition gallery that ends at its upper edge with a panoramic space with a big glazed opening on the city. From here the visitor can either go on the rooftop to enjoy an open air experience or he can go down to the start of the gallery. The built volume is revolving around a central patio where the guest can find some exposition pieces or the caffetteria area. The patio, typical element or Venice urban fabric, is reinvented and it’s having a deep direct relationship with the expo gallery due to the big continuous window on the revolving volume. The gallery is lightened up by the big window and by some longitudinal roof windows.

Museo Gondola 02 Museo Gondola 03

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