Extension Project for a new Heating Power Plant

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Extension Project for a new Heating Power Plant

This building extension situated close to a mountainous relief consisted in creating a volume that contains the new plant alongside the existing plants and above this base, another volume used as wood chips deposit and as management offices : So we opted for a unique finish of the two lower contiguous plant blocks of stone, natural and local material that incorporates the building construction tradition in which on a solid footing in stone stands the wooden construction. This also reflects the character of the place and the context in which is evident in the landscape ’ horizontality ’ of the retaining walls of the ground as opposed to the verticality of the tree trunks in the surrounding forest. For this reason we decided to treat the upper block of building (deposit and offices ) as a unique surface covered with a vertical larch wood frame of different sizes separating the two volumes by a small courtyard for offices having a panoramic view of the the opposite side in which we have included a tree, a symbolic element of the whole process of transformation of waste wood into energy. Both volumes are joined by a unique roof that seems at some point break away from the wooden frame linearity and rising giving the building a strong identity ‘: this is used not just for a more harmonious integration into the mountain landscape, but also for the better functionality to allow a proper slope to a vehicle for the discharge of the chips.

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