Bridge on the Bund

Shanghai, China · 2010 · Architecture

Bridge on the Bund

The project goal is to connect the two sides of the Bund with a pedestrian bridge spanning 100m.

The project area is surrounded by historical and sculptural elements of great importance like the People’s Monument and the Garden Bridge. The peculiarity of the place is also accentuated by the position beetwen the Huangpu river and Suzhou river, right opposite to the Pudong Financial City center. The bridge takes shape seeking for a deep connection with these landmarks. The structure wants to establish its presence but at the same time it doesn’t want to obscure the figures that dominate the urban landscape of the area.

This is made ​​possible by using the stress ribbon construction technology, which is used here to create a very think deck, just 50cm thickness. The enormous forces that flow into the deck cannot by undertaken by the river banks due to its geomorphological properties. They are instead balanced by the arch that, through its weight and its bending rigidity, makes the whole system isostatic.

Bridge on the bund3 Bridge on the bund5 Bridge on the bund2 Bridge on the bund 1

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