Towers 2020

Trento, Italy - competition · · Architecture

Towers 2020

Architecture influences the society that inhabits it, our goal is to create functions and spaces that amplify the positive relationship between the diverse groups of people who live in these spaces. For this reason we think of an entrance that is not just a place of passage but that it is a place of rest and aggregation with activities for all age groups. To the right of the entrance, the disabled ramp allows entry to the building and develops around a green area and a parking area. The roof is conceived as a large panoramic terrace open to users, where they can meet, perform together outdoor activities with a privileged view of the surrounding landscape, here are positioned catalyst functions of community life as small green areas, or gardens or even a space to be used freely by condominiums.torri 3 torri-2020-d.jpg

torri 3 torri 1 torri 2 torri 4

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